Our Vision


Held at ijen trailplateu, this race carrying the mission of Go Green, expected in raising community awareness about the importance of conserving the forest. We will provide reforestation in areas prone to landslides in the region with the involvement of the participants and local goverment together.


Ijen plateau is part of an ancient valcano that holds the stunning natural beauty. You will be spoiled by the typical volcanic landscape combined combined with a coffee plantation area neat. Ijen crater is well known with it’s turquoise water, the activity or the sulfur miners at the bottom of the crater, and the phenomenon of blue fire that there are only two in the world.


The participants will go through the different variations of the path trekking lane to lane neat coffee plantations. The runners will also be able to watch the coffee plantation worker who are doing the activity. Farming worker’s housing complex who have a design typical of Ducth heritage will give different adventure.