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“Ijen Trail Running” even is held in Ijen Plateau, Sempol – Bondowoso. The race has 4 cateogories across the stunning view of Ijen crater, the largest acid lake in the world. Ijen crater offers unforgetable attractions. The lake contains 200 milion cubic meters highly toxic water with turquoise color yet boiling up to 200 celcius degrees. The runners will enjoy the incredible look of Ijen craters blends with sulfur miners activities carry sulfur basket down from the crater to the summit. The volcanic zone consists of post-caldera cones forms an E-W-trending zone across the southern side of the caldera.

The scenery mesmerizes the runners with the green screen of coffee plantations covers most of caldera floor, waterfalls, hot spring pools, and incredible volcanic atmosphere. The amazing morning view is presented by the sunrise illumintas the lake sheen and the twin of Ijen crater so called Merapi. The glow of electric-blue fire could not be missed and often be seen flowing down the montain in the night.

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